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Version 9.57.2

- Fix tax upcoming date and rate garbage
- Fix tax grouping by addition method on printed check
- Fix tax combination when using allowable taxable amount range

- Fix to allow Backoffice to be started from a batch file ot command prompt
- Fix false EFT communication error when there is a message in response
- Fix rebuild file16 and Files validation options now working in english backoffice
- Fix modern app logs - no more garbage in there
- Add automatic server getlicense from LM when using BO licence right sync option
- Ontario tax support which is made possible using a combination of three taxes and two categories (Regular and Junk Tax), also known as Pop and PopSnack tax

- Fix VelCloud queue corruption with large amount of unsent data


- Fix employee card read 5 second delay
- Fix STP/PATD multiple payment support
- Fix STP payment void mode group all in one cash payment when there is more than one voided payment
- Fix counter PayFacto pinpad not working when configured alone on a workstation


- Fix patt-stp payment then void payment then payment again now possible
- Change patt-stp quick service as No:-1 instead of No:-50
- Fix patt attempt to pay a closed check being accessed by the same workstation that manage patt requests result in locked check after being refused with reason being check in access instead of unlocking the check
- Add a Retry/Cancel to a920 payment initization step failure
- Fix heartbeat timeout issue between server processes in modern workstation environment with a920 devices supporting payment transaction.
- Fix some virtual license issues when license number was below 50000 - including Name licensing issues upon some some server upgrades
- Fix Bookenda/ Libro interface to instantly fill files instead of creating then filling files


- Add card reader support for modern workstations that support them
- Fix vertical screen payment information to display on top of numericpad
- Add option to disable print timeout dialog per workstation
- Fix end of day cancelled check archiving file
- Add possibility to redirect EFT receipt for each workstation
- Fix modern app log files description
- Add option on item lists to only list active menus item
- Add backoffice option to fetch modern app logs
- Fix Desjarding payroll export
- Fix update bo - bo and/or bo - file conversion process collision check
- Fix partial payment loss on crash safety un-necessary reprint upon modern ws reconnection
- Fix velcloud sync issue upon update with one or more auxiliary BO still running and not be closed before doing anything
- Add more precise payment logging in modern workstations


*<<<<< This update is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for every site using 9.56.4 >>>>>*
- Fix end of day failure
- Fix pinpads using wrong comm port with VelPAY
- Fix Workstation Programmation Copy/Paste
- Should allow adding more modern app workstations during runtime
- Fix loyalty card activation form visual & random card number being displayed
- Add a safety to print successful partial payments even if the workstation gets killed before check complete payment
- Fix paymode currency symbol - now used on printed checks | affected other amounts displayed too (like scale items unit prices).


- Fix eft transaction reference to allow full 64 caracters length
- Fix loyalty payment usability
- Fix workspace first transferred item re-selection
- Fix large scroll on very high resolution IOS devices
- Fix windows application return result as success upon workstation updating
- Add new data to cloud division sync
- Add stpi connector library for velpay
- Fix smartcard number prompt to display at foreground
- Fix layout embedded selection key group to be consistent whether its scrollable or not
- Add Desjardins payroll export interface
- Fix occasionnal (extremely rare) crash upon exit workstation (thread exit signal reference issue)
- Fix install (setup.exe) to not install hasp nor sentinel drivers by itself
- Updated distributed hasp key driver for compatibility with windows 10 2004
- Add modern more ws logging
- Fix modern ws device identification
- Fix modern ws log sync to avoid adding garbage to log file on server
- Add payment result printing even when it is not expected

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